– The Musician’s play-along store,

– Alive Drumming’s Song Rhythm Tracks,
– Ralph Patt’s Public Domain Rhythm Section Tracks,
with more collections to come.

No Synth’s; No MIDI; No A.I. We prefer real performances from real artists

Get your musician’s play-along backing tracks with the NetTracks‘ Mac, iOS or Apple TV app.

Available on the Apple Mac App Store and the Apple iPhone and iPad App Stores; coming soon to the Apple TV App Stores.

Enjoy playing along to these musician’s backing tracks!  These tracks are song-arranged: They fit your songs and are created from high-quality recordings of top artists.

You can also load your own backing tracks, either from iTunes or straight from files, and enjoy NetTrack’s musician’s backing track audio player.

Fixing Backing Tracks

Backing tracks are so much fun, but that fun turns sour when too much time is spent –

  • Shopping
  • Loading to mobile devices
  • Noting down the arrangement details
  • Organising tracks into setlists

NetTracks brings all of this together in one app where you quickly download and manage backing tracks.  Arrangements are always visible, and the app has a marvellous play-along audio player.  Less hassle; more time just playing along.

Why Rhythm Backing Tracks?

As musicians, we like playing along to great songs.  Some do this with the original artists’ recordings; Others use backing tracks with rhythm, baselines and chords.  If you play a chordal instrument, like a guitar or a piano, you might like to use a rhythm-only backing track that has been arranged for the song.   It’s fun; it helps keep in the groove and stick to the song’s form.  Loved by beginning and experienced improvisers alike.

Some App features

  1. Arrangements are always visible – You will always know the length of any introduction and outtro sections and the number of repeats of the form.
  2. Rhythms are always described – They include the tempo as beats-per-minute (BPM).
  3. Setlist’s Musician Player – With per-track configuration for volume, fade-endings, and start-ups.
  4. Apple platform support – iPhone, iPad, Mac, and soon Apple TV will be supported, all with one single, low-cost universal subscription.

Apple Mac Application

NetTracks Mac App – Showing the NetTracks feed.
NetTracks on an iPhone – showing a setlist, ready to select a track.

Each backing track always shows the

of the song and the



Our stream of play-along tracks.

My Tracks

Your own locally stored copies.

My Setlists

Your tracks are ordered into lists.


Add – NetTracks to My Tracks.

Playing tracks locally will never experience problems with the network.

Add – My Tracks into one or more setlists.

For your practice, jamming or performance.


Low-cost subscription for either a month or a year.  The annual subscription includes a free introductory month.

Information Screen on an iPad – offering subscription once an introductory 20 plays have been used.